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We are located in Kingsdown, Bristol. Patients travel from all round Bristol, including Cotham, Montpelier, Clifton, Redcliffe & Redland.

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Our patients from Bristol have rated us 5 stars on Google reviews

Best rated dentist in bristol
Wonderful treatment of my nervous 18 month first timer. Nurse was gentle and patient with her and receptionist was absolutely fantastic playing games to get rid of any nerves. Thank you so much DT
I did the Invisalign with dental touch and I couldn’t be happier. Vin was amazing, so attentive and made sure I understood the whole process as well as that I was comfortable with any treatments needed.My smile has been reformed, and I decided that they’re such a great practice- I signed up to their practice plan.
Great experience! Everyone is incredibly nice and I am so happy with the results.
Had hugely friendly and helpful service for the entire year spent receiving Invisalign treatment at Dental Touch. Flexible pricing, great facilities and staff, top notch support all the way through, and delighted with the results of my straightening!
I had to have two teeth extracted including a wisdom tooth. I have always been a nervous patient so arranged to have it done under sedation on a Saturday morning.The whole procedure went very well. I was made to feel very relaxed by Vinay and his team. I cannot remember a thing about the extractions as I was completely sedated. The whole thing was pain free and by Saturday afternoon I felt back to normal.I had no residual pain from the two extractions so Vinay must have done an excellent job. Thank you Vinay and your team? Great work.
Had 2x implants this year and would have them over again if I had to.From start to finish, everything was well explained, well prepared and pretty much painless, apart from the bill 😀 but that's to be expected.All staff and Dentist Vinay were excellent and professional whilst making me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process which spanned nearly 6 months. Well worth the time and investment as a smile is priceless and am over the moon to have mine back.Thank you Vinay.
Been going here a few years now and the whole team are great, they always put you at ease, are very friendly and the treatment is first class. Wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you.
My dentist was absolutely brilliant, 5***** but I wasn't happy with the outcome of the hygienist cleaning appointment. When I attended hygienist appointments in other places (and much cheaper places), they would remove brown staining behind my metal retrainers (by using various techniques) and that is the main reason I attend hygienist appointments because the area is very hard to keep clean. But in Dental Touch, they haven't even touched the area around my retrainers, so I feel that I need to book another appointment somewhere else just to get the job done. I probably should have said something during the appointment, but in all other places they would get the job done without saying anything as they can see what needs cleaning and that the area is badly stained. But as mentioned before my dentist was absolutely brilliant and gave me good advice, it's just that hygienist appointment that I wasn't very happy about as I need to book another appointment somewhere else to get the job done.
Genuinely the nicest team ever! I was nervous to move dentists when I moved to Bristol but thankfully I chose Dental Touch. I had to have two fillings and it was very calm and they put me at ease. They absolutely know what they are doing and happily explain everything. I had hundreds of questions and they answered them all. They even printed out a diagram of my teeth to show me what needed to be done. Highly recommend!
Authentic oral health professionals. They advised me throughout the process of my treatment, solving any questions I had with a smile, there is no unanswered question or doubt.The lovely receptionists Kylie and Krasimira did the follow up my appointments for me so I didn't miss them and offered me changes to the agreed appointments whenever possible to advance on my treatment.Dr. Latika has a wonderful attention with the patient, unbelievable skill, only compared to the charming assistance of nurse Jane.Fully recommended!
I started going to Dental touch about a year and a half ago now and it was the best decision ever. The receptionists, hygienists and dentists are so nice, approachable, and knowledgeable. I am a very very very nervous client almost walking out before my first appointment as I suffer badly with fear of the dentist. But everyone put me to ease and help me to stay calm. I have no been able to go for regular check ups and even though I am still very nervous I know I'm in safe hands.
I wholeheartedly recommend this dentist. Especially if you are a nervous patient. The team are kind, understanding and sympathetic to previous experiences with other, less caring Dentists. I would be petrified of visiting dentists, I would dread the date on the calendar. Not anymore! I had treatment spaced over a couple of months, I am delighted with the results and would not hesitate to recommend dental touch.
Cannot recommend this place enough. I had quite bad anxiety about going to the dentist for a number of years and ended up needing a filling, a crown and some hygienist work. The whole team were very friendly, patient over several appointments, I was extremely pleased with the service and felt like I was in good hands. Thanks
MASSIVE RED FLAG. DON'T GO HERE.Amazing. Review time. Read the full story as this will save your healthy teeth, all without unnecessary & expensive treatment at Dental Touch. Chances are they just want your money & don't give a damn about your teeth.I first came to this clinic because I had a couple of things that I wanted to update and noting more - 2 fillings and maybe dental hygiene. (I had 0% of pain at this moment)The first red flag is that the Principal Dentist Latika diagnosed me with what I needed to fix + she said 'ooh there might be 7 more fillings soon'. It doesn't sound good to me, I take care of my teeth - I learned the hard way - if the dentist says you need a hell of a lot of fillings - just run & get an independent opinion elsewhere.So all after I got independent advice & my trusted dentist said that 7+ fillings are total nonsense in my case... My trusted dentist which I had to fly through the whole continent in the end gave me a pro dental hygiene after she fixed everything that Latika did and said come back in a year - you're fine. (thanks to Latika for letting me treat myself to an expensive trip whilst we supposed to be on a lockdown and prevent spreading the potential virus).The second red flag. she managed to mistake the UR7 with UR6 tooth & went with a MASSIVE filling in UR7 instead of fixing what I need - the UR6 (I came for this since the very beginning). My tooth, the UR7 after her 'treatment' was insane - couldn't bite, crazy sensitive to everything. In the very end, my trusted dentist had to kill my tooth, the UR7 because the pulp in root canals was touched, opened & irritated by Latika, the Principal. I had to live like that for a month, thanks to Latika again. She went with her opinion when I didn't want to go for this tooth & managed to irritate root canals so my healthy tooth is now dead. Thank you.The third red flag. She did the x-ray in the beginning, said UL6 needs just a bigger filling. So she went for it, opened it & said 'oh, this one needs root canal treatment, I knew it!' if you knew it, it would be nice to inform me before putting your drills on my face. 200GBP to 1100GBP jump after your 'oopsie' isn't a pleasant surprise & you don't offer NHS bands. That's important to know!My trusted dentist said that judging on how she treated you I wouldn't be surprised if she opened your UL6 roots just to charge you more. Latika offered to get a crown there when my trusted dentist said, no, there's no need for a crown, filling will fix it - and it did.After this tooth was opened I had to book flights to my home country & pay well over a grand to fly & get teeth fixed & you know what? my oral health wasn't that bad I could easily wait till the summer to get it fixed for a fraction of your 2000GBP treatment plan which would be 3000 GBP + because you irritated UR7 which was in perfect health before you touched it. Thanks!The 4th red flag. Reception staff managed to overcharge me whilst calculating my visits. I had to bring it up as they didn't.So long story short I spent 400GBP+ at the Dental Touch just to ruin my dental health - 100% I had no pain whatsoever before my first visit & after seeing her two times I just got more and more pain. I was forced to travel abroad to fix it when we supposed to be in national lockdown. I initially came to hers to prevent future problems.I felt like I'm a milking cow who's got no clue how medical service works.On the flip side - look at all the reviews about Dental Touch - almost all 5-stars & all they say Dental Touch does amazing tooth implants. Is it a coincidence? I wouldn't think so.I'm super happy to leave this review as I did all the necessary treatment elsewhere & there's no need to even contact you.Final verdict - well below the EU standard.Edit: Sent me a letter with underpaid postage once I ignored, they sent me a paid one.They blame the patient, neglecting that something is wrong with the service they provide.Your letter response is a fun laugh of how you operate your business.I'll leave it for others to read.
I've had exceptional service and quality of care from Dental Touch. I had two dental implants fitted by Vinay Bohra. I was nervous about the work but everything was done to put me at ease and walk me through the process. Vinay went above and beyond and fitted me with a temporary implant ahead of my wedding when covid restrictions delayed my implant procedure. Friendly reception staff. Would recommend Dental Touch to anyone looking for an implant.
Excellent service from the Dental Touch! I had Invisalign treatment for my wonky teeth. I had umm-ed and ahh-ed about it for years, being a bit unsure of the whole thing, but I took the plunge and went for a consultation with Vinay, and am very glad I did!The Invisalign process has been amazing, my teeth have been completely straightened out without the need for wires or train tracks. The Dental Touch team gave great support throughout.I would advise anyone considering some form of teeth straightening to speak to the Dental Touch team, and get the process started. It's a lot more straightforward than you might think, and the results are very quick. All in all mine took about a year to go from quite wonky teeth to a straight smile! Thanks Dental Touch team!
Can't quite believe I am leaving a 5-star review to a dental practice but there you go! I've been going to Dental Touch since 2018. I first registered with them as an NHS patient when I was a student but I was so pleased with the practice that I stayed on as a private patient - they would only have me as an NHS patient as long as I was student.I have had all my routine check-ups and hygienist visit with them since I registered, and recently I finished having invisalign treatment and teeth whitening.I have always had a great experience with all the staff being really friendly, professional and approachable. I couldn't ask for anything more! I highly recommend Dental Touch and Vinay for anyone looking for a great dentist in this area.
Very professional and friendly staff - good value, timely communications etc. Highly recommended 🙂
Having never had any teeth removed, I was very nervous to have a wisdom tooth removed in the dentist with local anesthetic however I would go as far as to say it was a pleasant experience! The dentist and staff were lovely, really friendly, put me at ease, and I genuinely didn't feel a thing. Not even the injection as the gum was numbed before the injection. No pain and removed in seconds. I needn't have put an hour parking on the car haha Really pleased and won't hesitate in future if any more need removing. Many thanks to Vinay and Jane. I can now be one of those smug people who tell a really easy wisdom tooth story when others try to spook you with their horror stories!
Came to dental touch to get Invisalign treatment, everything was well organised and the instructions were clear, the overall process was very efficient and the care was of high quality.
Friendly staff highly recommended
Friendly, helpful staff. I felt very looked after. Dentist explained everything in detail to me. Hygienist did a great job. Highly recommend.
I was treated by Vinay Bohra, ably assisted by Jane Dimery. I had a single implant after losing a crown. The procedure was a bit of an ordeal, but I’m so pleased I went ahead with it. The tooth is indistinguishable from a natural tooth and miles better than the crown it replaced. I was always treated with kindness and I can’t fault the professionalism and care that I received. I hope this great practice continues to flourish in these difficult times. A***
I had to have an emergency filling and in the pandemic and the team at Dental Touch are just fantastic ! I was seen quickly and priced fair for the emergency slot. I am now having my treatment here as the team were so good. Highly recommended.
My 10 year old daughter told her dad, 'Dr T explained to me all the steps before my teeth extraction, she has the best bedside manner!'. That sums up our experience when she had 3 teeth extraction. Thank you Dr Tandon!
Great to get back to this fabulous dental practice for my check up that was missed due to Covid19 lock down. Incredibly well organised and I felt really safe and comfortable attending my check up. Big thanks to all who are working under such difficult circumstances and still delivering such a fabulous friendly service. Special thoughts and love to Jane.
I've just completed my Invisalign treatment with Dental Touch and would highly recommend both the treatment and the practice.Great results, couldn't be happier.Vinay and the team in particular have been really fab, accommodating and thorough throughout!Many thanks for all : )
I was treated by Dr Bohra and a nurse by the name of Jane over the course of three appointments at this dental practice. I am thoroughly pleased with everything and will be going back there in the future.
Such a friendly and professional team. I'm so happy with the treatment I received here, I always felt cared for and at ease, I would recommend wholeheartedly.
Amazing practice, the staff are very caring and helpful. Latika is a great dentist and very good with nervous patients, like myself...well, I'm not nervous anymore, thanks to her!Ben is an awesome hygeinist who is skilled at his work and with his patient manner.Glenda, who has a dual role as a receptionist and a nurse is really helpful and is always very accomodating.Would recommend to anyone.
My name is Lisa M (not sarah haha) I have been coming to this dentist for about 27 years and always had amazing service.I had my braces put on last year in September 2018 so my teeth will be nice and straight in time for my brothers wedding in Italy which they came off on the 22nd May 2019.Throughout the process it was amazing, I went to every single appointment to see Latika and Jane to see the progress off my teeth. And I really liked the fact that latika wanted me to have perfect teeth which the end result I did and was VERY happy.I can now start whitening my teeth in time for my brothers wedding on the 8th June 2019.I recommend Dental Touch to anyone.Also the receptionist are lovely, we had a nice chat every time I came in and they always had a smile on their face and very welcoming.Thank you 🙂
Visited for an emergency appointment for toothache, got seen to promptly and received great service from everyone at the practice.Would recommend !
The Dental Touch is a very professional, talented, caring and trustworthy practice that offer excellent advice for suitable procedures needed.I first went to the Dental Touch needing orthodontic treatment due to bad cosmetic dentistry by another orthodontist. I now feel confident and very happy with my new smile following the treatment I’ve had by Vinay Bohra and his team.This now is the practice I use for all dental treatment!Overall I highly rate this practice and have NO complaints with any of the team!! Even front of house are friendly, welcoming and professional.Overall 5* practice that I highly recommend!
I visited Vinay at The Dental Touch on the recommendation of a family member who was a patient of his at a previous clinic. I had my teeth straightened using invisible aligners and then the fronts were filled and smoothed to equal the heights. The price was very reasonable for the amount of work involved and I was thrilled with the results. Vinay and all the staff at the clinic are lovely and I've since decided to join the clinic as a patient.
I have just had my teeth straightened by Vinay at the Dental Touch using special invisible aligners. It has been very successful and the price was reasonable. I was previously at another practice where Vinay worked and moved over to his own practice in Bristol a few years ago.
After breaking a piece off a back tooth I decided on an implant replacement with some trepidation. However I needn't have worried as Vinay and his team carried out the work efficiently and painlessly. I would definitely recommend them.
If you are an older student like myself or not? and imagine you have a stressful time ahead of you; finding a dentist, booking and attending appointments please look no further, Had a pretty weighty list of work to be done which spanned weeks and it flew by with ease, everyone In the building are truly lovely and comforting and I couldn’t of wished for a better experience.. thanks again guys x
I have been a patient at The Dental Touch (and its predecessor, The Kingsdown Dental Practice) since 1997, when I lived across the road from the surgery, and despite having since moved some distance away from Cotham, I wouldn't go anywhere else for dental treatment. The staff have been consistently friendly, efficient and kind, and most of my visits to the practice have been a genuinely uplifting experience, even on the occasion when Root Canal Surgery was involved!
I was very apprehensive about going to the dentist, but all the staff here couldn't be more welcoming, friendly, warm and professional. The care my dentist took gave me peace of mind (I've had a few bad ones previously!), this practice is certainly a practice for life!
Friendly and clear front desk staff over the phone, email and In person. Both dentists I saw were the same and took their time with me. Would highly recommend, especially for students in the area.
The best Dentist Ive ever had worth the trip from Chepstow to Bristol

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The practice is located in Kingsdown at the top of St Michael’s Hill, in close proximity to the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

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If you need to cancel an appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice, otherwise a cancellation charge maybe incurred. Please call the practice to cancel your appointment.

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